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  • pulsed porosity holiday detector
  • pulsed porosity holiday detector
  • pulsed porosity holiday detector
  • pulsed porosity holiday detector
pulsed porosity holiday detectorpulsed porosity holiday detectorpulsed porosity holiday detectorpulsed porosity holiday detector

pulsed porosity holiday detector

  • NEW Design
  • pulsed holiday detector
  • chemical pipeline coating detector
  • electro discharge machining Pulse leakage detector
  • Product description: chinavict pulsed porosity holiday detector

KD-6DJ holiday detector is intelligence pulsed high voltage protecting coating quality detector. It install anti-jamming intelligent chip, anti-jamming LED screen and brand new digital control circuit to make a accurately high voltage output ±(0.1KV+3%reading) .It can adjust its value of voltage according to the thickness of protecting coating. 6DJ use lithium battery for power source, it is also can be used in field.

The equipment design of KD-6DJ is advanced, stable and reliable, which can be widely used in chemical industry, oil, rubber and enamel, so it is an essential tool used to detect metal anti-corrosion coating quality.


1.0.6KV〜30KV high voltage generator.

2.The intelligence software can generate stable voltage to make sure the precision of measurement. Voltage deviation : ± (0.1KV+3% reading)

3.Detector can adjust its voltage automatically according to the thickness of coating and material.

4.H-voltage safety switch  If detector turn on in high voltage, it will alarming with LED light and icon display on screen, to avoid damage from high voltage.

5.If detector detect any leak, it will alarm operator with electric spark, light and voice warning. Detector also will record the leak amount. (999 Maximum)

6.It can set a limit of leak number, detector will alarm if over that limit.

7.12864 LCD backlight screen, it display voltage, number of leak, battery power, menu and so on.

8.Brand new modern appearance design, dust proof and water proof shell.

9.4000mA lithium battery to keep long working time.

10.Automatic backlight interface.

11.Pulse discharge can reduce the secondary damage to coating, and save power for working. It also can reduce the damage to human body if operator using in wrong way.


1. Thickness required :0.05-10mm(  can customized if user

need to detect the coat which over 10mm)

2. Voltage:0.6KV-30KV

3. Deviation:±(0.1KV+3% reading)

4. Resolving :0.1KV

5. Battery:12V 400mA lithium battery

6. Power: 6W

7. Size:240*170*90mm

8. Way of alarm:Headphone,buzzer and light alarming



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