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Testing Equipment

  • RAY-3000(A)ray detector dosimeter
RAY-3000(A)ray detector dosimeter

RAY-3000(A)ray detector dosimeter

  • detect ray: X, Y
  • 0.0lusv/h-9999msv/h
  • 0.01usv-999. 99msv
  • alarm thresold
  • Product description: RAY-3000Aray detector dosimeter

RAY-3000A ray detector is a kind of small intelligent radiation monitoring instrument. It been used for X-ray and Y-ray detection. RAY-3000A is lower power, high sensitivity, stable performance, easy operation and small size. It can be wore or put in the pocket. RAY-3000A use new single chip microcomputer technology to against interference, it can work in

harsh environment

RAY-3000A ray detector, can precisely detect the radiation dose rate and cumulative

dose LCD will display the reading to make sure operator stay in a safe environment which

radiation dose rate remains at a reasonable level. When radiation dose rate over the alarm

threshold, detector will display a prompt symbol, and alarm operator with sound and noise

RAY-3000A is been used on Nondestructive inspection, nuclear power plant, nuclear

powered submarine, isotope application, hospital cobalt therapy and so on


1 Compensated GM counter tube

2 Available detect ray: X, Y

3 High sensitive

4 Digital display, easy to read

5 Measuring range

Radiation dose rate: 0.0lusv/h-9999msv/h

Cumulative dose: 0.01usv-999. 99msv

6 Deviation: <+10%(137CS)

7 Alarm

alarm threshold


Alarm type: Normal (N),Continuous (C)

Silence (S)

When radiation dose rate over 1ms/h detector will

switch to Continuous (C)alarm aromatically

8 Data retention

Cumulative dose data can be saved in detector if power

Is gone

9 Working environment: temperature: -10-+50C