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NCT wireless static penetration system

  • wireless static penetration instrument
  • static penetration machine
  • static sounding machine
  • wireless static cone penetration tester
  • Product description: wireless static cone penetration instrument

NCT wireless static penetration system is a new static penetrationtechnology. It adopts advanced radio transmission technology Simple wireless signal transmitting and receiving devices are installed in the upper part of probe and data recorder of traditional wired static penetration test. The test data can be displayed, recorded and stored in real time without long cable and connecting cable in each probe.

the technology has stable performance, reliable test data, simple operation and high efficiency, and has been applied to field exploration with obvious effect.

Application: The penetration method is the same for all types of static penetration probes (vehicles)

Probes: single, double bridge, pore pressure multipurpose probes, electric cross plate probes are also applicable. Only wireless transmission devices and power supply lithium batteries are installed on the upper parts of various probes. 

Recording Instrument: It is the same as the static sounding computer test method. It can display, record and store in real time. And the wireless static exploration computer page refresh faster and more accurate. wireless recorder does not need to penetrate cable access, depth signal does not need to connect to the recorder. 

Penetration rod: The diameter, length and connection thread of the probe rod are the same. Because there is no long cable running through the pole, each pole can be connected independently and interchangeably

The probe outputs radio signals, and only one contact single wire guide is installed in each independent probe.

NCT power consumption: NCT wireless static exploration system uses charged High power lithium batteries as power supply, and lithium electricity is directly installed in the upper part of the probe and the recorder. The power supply device has the functions of switch self locking, power stock display and rechargeable. When fully charged, the continuous static exploration operation can reach more than 20 hours.

Technical Parameter

The penetration depth of cable

less probe: 120 m underground

The distance between penetration point and recorder: 100m in the field

Waterproof performance of cable

less probe: water pressure 20Kg/cm

Environmental working temperature: 10 C +45 C

Rated overload capacity: 120% RL

Rod:36mm diameter.




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