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Structure testing Equipment

  • Concrete Ultrasonic Tester
  • Concrete Ultrasonic Tester
Concrete Ultrasonic TesterConcrete Ultrasonic Tester

Concrete Ultrasonic Tester

  • rebound hammer
  • Ultrasonic strength tester
  • Product description: Concrete Ultrasonic Plus Velocity Tester

Host specification :waterproof rating IP65

Screen size:5inch

Ultrasonic indication value error:±0.1μs

Ultrasonic transducer working frequency:50KHz

Instrument ultrasonic frequency range :5Hz~500KHz

Rebound huge nominal kinetic energy :2.207J

Spring stiffness:785.0±40.0(N/m)

Impact length of impact rod :75.0±0.3 mm

The rebound value indicates the value error:≤±0.5

Rebound value steel anvil rate set average:80±2

Power supply mode:Large capacity lithium battery, power supply time more than 8 hours

operating ambient temperature:-10℃~40℃

Packing specification:Engineering plastic box