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Structure testing Equipment

  • Digital voice test hamer HT225W/W+
Digital voice test hamer HT225W/W+

Digital voice test hamer HT225W/W+

  • Product description: Rebound test hammer Concrete test hammer Hand held test hammer High strength test hammer Digital test hammer Schmidt hammer Elasticity tester concrete bouncing back instrument Original Schmidt


  • Voice service, LCD and scale readings are double guarantee the accuracy of the test values. It also can get the measure results even though no power when in-site test .
  • Voice service can improve the efficiency of work at special environment
  • Machine core apply imported metal material, high precision, long service life
  • The host and sensor integration design, easy to operate and efficient
  • High-resolution LCD color screen 176*220
  • USB fast communication with PC
  • Easy to operate, friendly system interface
  • Non-contact metal reflection grating and reflective encoder sensing with high precision
  • The difference between displayer and scale≤0.5



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